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Are you looking for Brake Repair for your vehicle?

Imagine driving on a Sunday afternoon with your family when without warning, a biker cuts the corner and comes right in front of your car. It would be a catastrophe for both the biker and the car if you do not apply brakes at the right time, wouldn’t it?

But how can you be sure that the brakes will work? That they will not let you down at that crucial moment when one wrong move could potentially prove to be fatal? The only way to be sure that the car will stop when you want it to stop is by keeping its brakes in optimal condition. With Dundee Diesel’s brake service in Dundee, you can rest assured that it will be like that.

At Dundee Diesel, we understand the importance of brakes in a car. Our expert technicians take great care in diagnosing and, if necessary, replacing faulty parts in the brake system.

Identifying malfunctioning brakes-

Even if you are not an expert on cars, it isn’t very difficult to understand when the brakes are not functioning at their full capacity. If you experience one or more of the following issues, it’s best to go for brake repair-

  • Noise- Ideally, brakes should not make any noise. If you hear screeching, high pitched noise while applying your car’s brakes; it suggests that the brake pads have worn out. It’s time for brake pad replacement.
  • Vibrations and pulsations- If you feel your pedal or steering wheel vibrating unusually, it’s probably your car’s brake system crying for help. Vibrations and pulsations usually occur when the rotors are out of alignment. It can cause permanent damage to the braking system.
  • Softer brake pedal- Are you having to push the brake pedal all the way down for it to work? That’s a sign of moisture or air in the braking system. It could also mean that there is a problem with the master cylinder.
  • ABS Warning sign- This is probably the easiest to notice. If your gauge cluster flashes the ‘ABS Warning’ light, rush to your nearest brake repair garage and let the experts have a look.

Our services-

Depending on the type of brakes your vehicle uses, we perform a comprehensive brake repair service at Dundee DieselAmong other things, we check for-

  • Brake pad thickness and wear
  • Brake fluid level and potential leaks
  • Brake callipers and rotors for wear

As the majority of the UK population lives and drives in urban areas with huge traffic congestion, it puts a lot of pressure on the braking system. It is, therefore, essential to get these checked by experts at regular intervals to avoid unnecessary risk to yourself and others on the road.

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If you are concerned about safety, it is paramount that the brakes of your cars are at their optimal capacity at any given point. If you notice something amiss, visit us at Dundee Diesel for a quick, affordable and comprehensive brake service in Dundee.

Don’t wait anymore! Call us or book an appointment on our website and let our experts do the rest.