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Are you looking for Car Servicing for your vehicle?

Have you noticed any odd sound coming from the vehicle? Is it overheating? Saw any significant drop in performance? All these are signs that your car needs proper servicing done.

We all love our cars, and it is important to keep it in its top condition to make sure you can drive it every day. A well-maintained service schedule is a secret in keeping your vehicle in good condition. 

However, with the recent influx of private vehicle ownership in the UK, finding a reliable mechanic has become increasingly tough. Especially in towns, an affordable and dependable car service Dundee was almost non-existent. That’s why we decided to change the picture.

We are GT Autos, a vehicle garage that specialises in all kind of services and repair works that your vehicle will ever need. Our team of experienced and certified mechanics will make sure your car is in top-notch condition every time you bring it to us.

What is a service?

Like all other machines, the parts of your car will also wear out after some time. While it is inevitable, it can be delayed, and till it happens, your vehicle can be kept in its best condition with a periodic maintenance schedule. Also, you will notice quite a few differences when you keep it in good condition. When you maintain a periodic car repair at Dundee, you will notice that your car’s performance hasn’t changed over the years. Also, running costs will stay low, along with your expense for fuel and spare parts.

Another key feature of keeping your car serviced comes from your car’s insurer. The insurance company will carry the cost of most repairs and maintenance, and your vehicle will be able to fetch a better resale value.

The government of the UK also implies some strict rules on cars that drive on her roads. A well-maintained vehicle is considered street worthy, something better to commute with. Periodic car repair also ensures that it passes the MOT test, certifying it as safe, and road legal.

How often should you avail of a car service?

When you buy your car, you will get a service book that lists all its details and when it will need a servicing. We recommend maintaining that schedule; however, there are also a few things that you can do.

At GT Autos, we divide all our services into two different types – interim and full service. Depending on how much you use your car, you should go for an interim or full service. Interim is for people who drive around metropolitan areas, whereas full service is for people who drive longer distances on a more regular basis.

We recommend one interim car repair every six months, or 6,000 miles, whichever comes earlier; you can opt for a full service every year or 12,000 miles, whichever comes prior.

GT Autos, the best car service garage in Dundee

Whenever you feel the need of bringing your car in for a repair, visit us. At GT Autos, Dundee you will find both interim and full services offered at affordable prices. We have an entire wing dedicated for servicing your car, and you will be amazed to know how many things we include in both of our services.

Interim service – Our interim car repair includes:

  • Inspection of the clutch.
  • Air filter replacement.
  • Handbrake functionality test.
  • Suspension testing.
  • Steering testing.
  • Exhaust reading.
  • ABS test.
  • Inspection of brake pipes, pad, discs, and connectors.
  • Timing belts.
  • Refilling of Gearbox and engine oil.
  • Oil filter change.
  • Warning lights, headlights, and brake lights test.
  • Seatbelts test.
  • Mirrors and wipers test.
  • Fuel cap screw testing.
  • Battery functionality testing.
  • Inspection of Air condition unit.

Full service – Our full service includes a complete check of all the components mentioned above, plus a few more parts to make sure that your car is in the perfect condition.

So, what are you waiting for?

Visit GT Autos today to avail the best car repair Dundee at an attractive price. We are considered one of the best auto garages in Dundee. We also offer the convenience of priority booking, both via phone, and online. Visit us today.