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Are you looking for Cambelts for your vehicle?

Did you know that if the cambelt of your vehicle snaps, the pistons and valves will collide over 200 times per minute? It will lead to irreplaceable engine damage and expensive replacement bills.

Gt Autos brings you cost-effective cambelt replacement service Dundee!

When will you need us?

Cambelt, made of polyurethane Kevlar and other sturdy composites, comes with teeth to synchronise the crankshaft and camshaft rotation. Though cambelts have a long service life, they can break for several reasons.

A worn-out cambelt will indicate the following symptoms:

Odd noise from the engine

Does your engine generate a metallic rattling noise? It indicates a damaged cambelt. Address such an issue immediately to a trusted car workshop like ours!

Inaccurate RPMs

On observing a sudden drop in the RPM (revolutions per minute) of the engine crankshaft, head straight to our facility; our experts will identify this clear sign to offer you an OE-grade cambelt replacement service.

False ignition

A broken cambelt is responsible for slow or no engine ignition.

Diminished exhaust performance

A damaged cambelt disrupts the engine performance, which hampers exhaust functionalities.

Oil leakage

A loose cambelt causes oil leakage near the engine. It will affect the overall performance and thus demands expert attention.

How do we perform cambelt replacement Dundee?

Our professionals will run a comprehensive inspection to confirm the following:

  • Wheel misalignment
  • Hydroplaning performance
  • Belt abrasion
  • Structural deformation such as elongation
  • Cracks on cambelts
  • The gloss or shine underside on the cambelt, to state a few

Then, we will explain the recurrent issues and the consequences before performing the due course of action.

Note: The rate may vary based on the car’s engine. We only perform OE-grade replacement service to ensure improved service life and performance.

It makes us the best answer to your ‘cambelt replacement near me’ searches.

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