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Are you looking for Car Tyres for your vehicle?

All cars run on tyres. It’s as simple as that. If not for tyres, your car wouldn’t be able to move an inch. Whether it’s the highway or the countryside, it is your tyres that take most of the brunt and lets you keep moving. Although modern tyres are made to last for a long time, you should inspect them periodically for signs of wear and tear.

The importance of healthy tyres cannot be emphasised enough. Without them, accidents would be commonplace. In the UK, it is illegal to drive with a tyre tread of less than 1.6 mm (our experts recommend at least 3 mm tyre tread). However, the major problem that car owners face is the ever-increasing price of tyres and because of that many of them continue with old tyres when they shouldn’t.

We offer a wide array of cheap car tyres in Dundee that’ll suit your needs without burning a hole in your pockets.

Our range of car tyres

Gone are the days when a solid piece of rubber was used as tyres. Modern tyres are a blend of steel belts, various rubber compounds and advanced level of fabrics. That’s why we have a host of different manufacturer’s tyre, suitable for different weather conditions. We have –

  • Summer tyres - As the name suggests, these tyres are ideal for the summer season. With a perfect balance of water-channelling-grooves and gripping rubber, these tyres provide excellent grip and are extremely durable.
  • Winter tyres - Driving in the winter is a difficult job. Roads are usually quite slippery owing to snowfall and ice. That’s the reason winter tyres are made with softer compounds and more tread depth in order to increase traction.
  • All season tyres - The all-season type is probably the most popular choice of tyres for car owners. Because of its balanced performance throughout the year, it outweighs the summer and winter tyres in utility as it doesn’t require changing every season.
  • All terrain tyres - This type of tyres is very popular with SUV owners as they can travel on any terrain. The tread space in all-terrain tyres is typically more than regular tyres, which makes travelling in muddy areas easier.

GT Autos, Dundee also has-

  • 4x4 tyres
  • High-performance tyres
  • Run-flat tyres.

We have partnered with most major manufacturers such as-

  • Continental tyres.
  • Pirelli tyres.
  • Dunlop tyres.
  • Nexen tyres.
  • Bridgestone tyres.
  • Goodyear tyres.

You can get these tyres online from our website or visit GT Autos garage in Dundee for a thorough check-up and replacement of your tyres. What are you still waiting for? Visit us today.