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Are you looking for DPF Regeneration for your vehicle?

A diesel engine creates a lot of particulate matter when it burns off. All these get caught in the Diesel Particulate Filter, or DPF, whose job is to make sure that the exhaust stays as clean as possible. However, over time, these filters get dirty and lose the power to clean the exhaust coming from the engine.

To ensure that your car’s DPF is clean, filtering at least 85% of the soot and particles that are coming out, we, GT Autos have brought our DPF regeneration service at Dundee. Now, whenever you visit us for your car’s periodic maintenance, ask about our DPF regeneration services, you will find attractive pricing and great deals.

Regeneration and its importance

Diesel particulate filter is an essential component of your car, and cleaning should be a part of its periodic maintenance. If it is too dirty, it will contaminate the fuel, or your car’s engine oil, resulting in a major breakdown. Waiting too long for DPF regeneration service at Dundee can damage the unit to such an extent that it might need a complete overhaul.

Furthermore, your car will never pass the MOT test if the emission standards are not met. In the UK, the strict laws regarding MOT will ensure that if it does not clear the test, it will be deemed unsafe for roads.


Filters are different than a catalytic converter and require a different maintenance procedure. Particulate filters can be clogged with ash too, increasing its pressure.

If you come for our DPF regeneration service at Dundee, we will make sure it gets cleaned thoroughly and has a permissible pressure build-up. We offer both active and forced regeneration, making sure that you have different options available for your car.

  • Active regeneration – Active regeneration happens when the vehicle is not in use. It is a relatively quick process, taking about 10 minutes time on average. It includes heating up the filter to burn off all residual soot.

Active regeneration cannot be used when there is too much pressure build-up inside the DPF.

  • Forced regeneration – If there is too much pressure inside the DPF, you must go for a forced regeneration. At GT Autos, our forced DPF regeneration service will be done in a completely separate bay, using a computer to run your car, manually initiating regeneration.

GT Autos – your one-stop solution

Whenever you face an issue with your car, just bring it to our shop at GT Autos, Staffordshire. We will make sure that there are no issues in your car when you leave our garage. We also take priority bookings. Visit our website to know more.