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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?

Gt Autos is a garage that is the one-stop point for all the vehicle-related services you require. You name it, we have it. We do not want you to run around with your vehicle and get things done from different places. That is why we made it a point that we invest in an experienced team and the latest technology so that your experience is the best and more importantly, convenient. One of the services that we offer in the summer check. Yes, there are vehicle checks based on weather conditions and temperature. So, what is a summer check?

In a summer check, a lot of components of your vehicle are examined and if needed, replaced. It is imperative to do this to ensure that the car does not break down while you are driving on the road. Firstly, the car’s winter tyres are replaced with the summer tyres if you wish so. The tyres will be checked to see if the tread and tyre pressure are proper. We will also ensure that the windscreen wipers blades are in good condition and adjust the water jet mechanism. Oil and coolant checks are also included. Basically, each and every component of the vehicle is systematically examined to see if there are any faults.

Once the examination is done, we will provide you the report of the defects and wear. It is on you to choose whether you want a repair or a replacement. Gt Autos has a team of professionals that specialise at customer interaction, therefore, when its comes to making you informed, you need not worry. Your vehicle will be our priority and we will look after it with the highest sincerity. We do not simply ask you to believe what we say; we request you to come and experience it.

Gt Autos also offers winter check, exhaust service, clutch service, car servicing, battery service, brake repair, suspension, puncture repair, MOT tests, and DPF Regeneration. As mentioned before, our objective is to be the one-point stop for all your vehicle-related queries. If you wish to have the best garage experience, drive-in today!