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Are you looking for ECU Remapping for your vehicle?

Are you looking for a reliable, affordable service garage to update your car’s ECU? Well, you have come to the right place.

We are GT Autos, one of the largest car service centres in Dundee, UK. We have a team of expert mechanics who are ready to cater to all the issues that you are facing regarding your car’s ECU.

Every car manufacturer exports their vehicles to a lot of countries. Now, to comply with all the different road rules, pollution standards and fuel availability, they often map their car’s ECU with generic software, effectively ‘de-tuning’ the vehicle.

If your car’s ECU comes with a basic software version, it will lack in performance. Many of our customers have complained about it, and to rectify this issue, we have brought our ECU remapping services at Dundee.

What Is An ECU Remapping?

An ECU or Engine Control Unit is a computer that handles almost every significant component of your vehicle. With modern fuel injection systems, it controls how much gas is pumped each time your car’s piston moves. With generic software, this value is compensated, thereby compromising on the power delivery.

The moment you bring your car to GT Autos for an ECU remapping, we will put custom-made, top of the line software that brings out the best performance from your car. Our technicians are comfortable with both ECU flashing via OBD port and EPROM flashing, providing you ample options to choose from.

Unleashing The Potential –

One easy and quick way to modify your car is to flash the ECU with software that caters to your needs. Most of our customers look for an ECU update in Dundee to either enhance their car’s performance or to enhance its mileage.

The moment you combine your car’s ECU with performance-enhancing software, it will start producing a lot more power as it lets the fuel injectors to pump more fuel in the engine. You will see an instant increase in overall torque and power, and power delivery throughout the rev range will be a lot smoother.

If you are looking to increase your car’s mileage, an efficiency-based ECU update Dundee will be perfect for you. Not only will you save a lot on fuel prices, but you will also decrease your carbon footprint without compromising on throttle response and power range.

Different tuning options available at GT Autos–

We offer both direct ECU flashing, where we replace the existing software from EPROM directly or flash the board after connecting it via an OBD port.

If you have an older model, it might be better to go for an EPROM flash; OBDs were not prevalent even a few years ago.

However, almost every modern car comes with OBD connectors, making it much easier for us to update the software without even opening the engine cover.

We have a broad range of software updates available for almost every type of car that runs on the UK road. Whether you want a fuel-efficient vehicle, or a better performing one, GT Autos has your back.

Performance-based upgrade –

You might be using a car that can do better than 60mph, and if you are looking to unleash its real potential, you should come and get a performance upgrade. We have a host of upgrades and use top of the line calibration units to change (actually, increase in maximum cases) your car’s air-to-fuel ratio, increase its fuel intake, boost its rev cycle and injector duty cycle, etc.

However, one thing that you should keep in mind is that a performance tuning might decrease your car’s fuel efficiency. That extra power will need a lot of excess gas, resulting in a drop in the average mileage.

Fuel Efficiency upgrade –

A performance tuning might sound interesting. However, most of us drive to work every day, that too on city roads where the brake and the clutch are used more than any other thing. So, in such scenarios, a performance tuning might not sound like the best choice at all. If you are looking for suitable ECU update Dundee, you can visit us for a mileage booster.

We will carefully calibrate your vehicle and will try to make it at least 20% more fuel-efficient. Also, we will make sure that the RPM and speed limiter stays in place, making sure that you and your loved ones stay safe during your daily commute.

If you are thinking about how to increase your car’s performance, but having trouble finding a reliable mechanic, visit GT Autos today. We are one of the largest, and highest rated car service centres in Dundee, UK, and our clientele hail from Whittington, Polesworth, Austrey, and other neighbouring towns. So why wait? Call us to know more about what we have to offer; you can also visit our website to book a priority appointment.