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Are you looking for Run Flat Tyres for your vehicle?

Wouldn’t it be great if your car had tyres which could go on even after a severe puncture? At least till you find a repair shop or a safe spot where you can pull over and change them? Run-flat tyres are designed just for that. These tyres let you drive a certain distance at a reduced speed even with partially or fully deflated tyres.

Currently, they are mostly used by vehicles carrying individuals with high value or novelty users such as the military and agencies carrying high-value items. However, their demand is increasing among common people despite the relatively higher prices.

GT Autos garage in Dundee is your one-stop destination if you want to buy run-flat tyres online or in store.

How do run flat tyres work?

There is a stark contrast between how standard tyres and run-flat tyres work. To understand that, let’s have a look at how run-flat tyres are made. There are two broad categories of run-flat tyres:

Self-supporting tyres:

Introduced by Michelin in 1934, these tyres have a reinforced sidewall that supports the weight of the vehicle in case of a puncture.

Support ring tyres:

These tyres feature an extra ring of hard rubber (nowadays, most companies use Kevlar and other carbon-based fibres) that can take over in case there is a loss of air pressure.

Benefits of run-flat tyres

On an average, run flats can cover a distance of 50 miles at 50mph after being punctured. This gives you the following advantages:

  • If there is a puncture while you’re driving, run flats will make sure that your car stays in control. It reduces the chances of accidents drastically.
  • You can take the vehicle to GT Autos, Dundee instead of having to change the tyre on the road.
  • You can save a lot of boot space as you won’t need to carry spare tyres anymore.

Why GT Autos?

At GT Autos, we stock run flats from all major brands. A chief concern among buyers is the run-flat tyre price which can be on the higher side. GT Autos offers a wide range of affordable run-flat tyres for all your needs.

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