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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?

If you live and drive in the UK, you know how much the climate changes when its summer. Your precious winter tyres will not do you any good in the summer. That is why we, at GT Autos at Dundee, recommend using summer variants when the temperatures are high, and the roads are free from snow and sludge.

If you are looking for the best summer car tyres, you are more than likely to find that elusive set of perfect wheels with us. At GT Autos, we have been dealing in tyres over the last several decades and are one of this country’s largest tyre suppliers. You can also buy tyres online from us.

What sets summer tyres apart?

Summer tyres are very distinct from their winter and all-season counterparts. While winter tyres must be put into action once the temperature falls below 7 degrees Celsius, summer tyres are for all other instances. If you look at a set of winter and summer tyres, the following differences will become apparent.

  • Summer tyres are made of slightly harder rubber compound than winter tyres and even all-season ones. This heavier rubber aids in extra nimbleness and versatility on the roads. They also aid in better braking.
  • Even a cursory glance at these two types will show that the winter tyres have chunkier and more curved treads. On the other hand, summer tyres demonstrate comparatively orbital tread which helps them grip the road firmly; even on hot roads and at higher speeds.
  • Whenever the temperature rises above 7 degrees, summer tyres become more usable because winter tyres tend to heat up quickly, given their nature. Also, winter tyres, if used in summer conditions, will wear away a lot quicker than most counterparts.
  • Unlike winter ones, summer tyres do not have the hydrophilic rubber composition. Thus, they can accelerate faster on the hot, slush-free roads. Most performance tyres are summer tyres, therefore.

Buy summer tyres at Dundee

Are you looking to buy the very best set of summer car tyres in Dundee? At GT Autos, we have a specialised team of experts who can guide you in making the best choice. Don’t tarry; contact us at once! Feel the difference for yourselves!