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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?

A wheel balancing procedure is a must-do, if you want to keep your car’s tyres in top shape. Balancing operations are, however, rather complicated ones; they also cannotbe done appropriately in the local garages. If you are looking for the best wheel balancing garage at Dundee, you are at the right place.

Your tyres suffer a lot of wear and tear while your car is running. If the wheel, to which the tyre is attached, does not bear your car’s weight correctly, your ride will not be a comfortable one. The tyres will wobble,andyourcar won’t run properly.

At its heart, wheel balancing is an act of attaching counter-weights to balance any imbalances caused by the jerks and bumps. Most car service garages use two types of balancers: static and dynamic.

However, before you go for wheel balancing at Dundee, you must be clear on all differences between wheel balancing and wheel alignment.

Are wheel balancing and wheel alignment the same thing?

No, they are two different things altogether. Like we said earlier, wheel balancing is the practice of counter-balancing any inconsistencies in the wheel’s weight distribution. On the other hand, wheel alignment is the process to ensure that the wheels on opposite axles are parallel to one another and are perpendicular to the surface.

Alignment operation should be done once every year, while wheel balancing is performed whenever a new set of tyres is mounted.

Do my car wheels need balancing?

If you can make out when your wheels need balancing, you solve half the problem. Self-diagnosing any issue is just as important as solving them. Look out for the following warning signs.

  • Certain tyres wear faster: Unbalanced wheels mean that certain tyres wear faster than others. It is especially visible when you drive your car for longer distances. Certain tyres wearing out faster means that your tyres are not touching the ground uniformly.
  • Increased tyre wear: The tyre wear rate increases dramatically. Since the imbalance creates extra stress on the tyres, they have to compensate. In such instances, wearing out starts from the tyre’s edges. Remember that with balanced wheels, the wear starts from the middle.
  • Increased vehicular vibrations: As soon as tyres start wearing out, the vibrations start in earnest. These vibrations can take place due to many reasons, including a rickety suspension. Although, worn-out tyres contribute a lot.
  • Balancing tyres when buying: Whenever you buy a new set of tyres, ensure to have a balancing done. At our wheel balancing Dundee facility, we do the wheel balancing free of cost.

Wheel balancing at Dundee

Whenever you bring your car to our facility at Dundee, we take a good look at what’s wrong with your tyres. We ensure properly balanced wheels within a reasonable time-frame. Book an appointment via our website or over your phone. We are happy to help!