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Are you looking for Van Tyres for your vehicle?

Unlike ordinary passenger tyres, vans carry much heavier weights. Van tyres can support the heavier chassis of the bigger vehicle, as well as support the extra load. If you are looking for best van tyres at Dundee, you are indeed in the correct place. We sell a lot of different types of van tyres, all at reasonable prices.

Buying van tyres

Van tyres, like all other tyre varieties, must also abide by certain criteria. These types of tyres are manufactured by brands like Pirelli, Bridgestone, and Dunlop. However, buying the best set of van tyres requires that you keep certain points in mind.

  • Choose the best set of van tyres: Like the vans themselves, no two tyres are made identically. Every brand manufactures a different type of van tyres, no matter how slight this difference is. The right set ensures that you get optimum mileage, contribute less to CO2 emissions, and receive overall better performance.
  • Maintain the tyres: Van tyres, like all other parts of the vehicle, require special care. If you do not pay attention to the tyres, you stand to lose out on safety and economy. Besides, proper maintenance brings down operating costs.
  • Keep an eye on the tread: The minimum tyre tread is 1.6mm. However, at GT Autos, when we sell van tyres at Dundee, we ask the consumers that they maintain a minimum tyre tread depth of 3mm. It is for the vehicle’s safety and security.
  • Maintain correct tyre pressure: Pneumatic tyres need constant monitoring of their air pressure. Since vans usually carry a much heavier load compared to most passenger vehicles, the pressure should be kept in mind. Under-inflation might result in blow-outs and accidents, as can over-inflation.
  • Align the wheels frequently: Wheel alignment operations must be carried out periodically so that the car’s owner does not suffer from misaligned wheels and drive accident-prone vehicles. More importantly, since van tyres at Dundee carry a significantly larger load, alignment operations become all the more important.

Van tyres at GT Autos at Dundee

Looking for the best deals on van tyres at Dundee? Check out our collection on our website. We store all EU labelled tyres and sell them at the lowest rates imaginable. Alternately, you can come down for a physical inspection too.