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Are you looking for Exhaust for your vehicle?

Your car’s internal combustion engine uses a mixture of fuel and air to create energy. That process creates a lot of smoke and harmful gasses which should ooze out of the car’s engine.

That responsibility falls on your car’s exhaust unit. The exhaust extracts the entire residue from combustion, evacuates it outside while reducing its toxicity and muffing all those noises that a car engine generates.

Because of all these constant temperature differences and vibrations, your car’s exhaust withstands more strain than any other part. That’s why you should bring your vehicle to GT Autos garage to avail our exhaust service Dundee; we have a team of technicians who will check the entire system for any defects. 

How to detect a malfunctioning exhaust system?

Whenever your car’s exhaust starts malfunctioning, it will give away some clear indications. Due to the internal combustion process, your car creates a lot of hot gasses and noises whenever you power on its engine. As all these gasses pass through its exhaust manifold, rapid heating and the temperature causes tiny cracks and leaks. Over time, these can result in a much larger leak.

As these make your car inefficient, we, at GT Autos, carefully scrutinise all the components for possible issues, and if we find any, we repair them at the earliest. All our technicians at our exhaust repair garage at Dundee are well trained to handle every issue related to your car.

A faulty exhaust will give away indications like –

  • Noise – A leak in the exhaust will make all those gasses rushing out from there, instead of passing through the muffler. It creates a lot of noise. You will notice loud noises resembling a sharp rumble and loud bangs.

You should visit our exhaust repair garage Dundee whenever you face this issue.

  • Smoke – If your car’s catalytic converter is not working, you will see visible black smoke coming out of exhaust tailpipe. Remember, this is a serious breach according to the UK’s Emission Laws. You will have to pay a hefty fine if you use a car with a faulty exhaust.
  • Performance – Also, with a faulty exhaust, your car’s performance will degrade significantly. The malfunctioning component will make your car’s engine work extra hard, and if the exhaust does not extract the foul gasses properly, it will quickly overheat the engine creating a significant drop in performance.

Inspection of your car’s components – how often should you do it?

Experts recommend at least one inspection every year. A fixed schedule ensures that the entire system is in good condition, with minimum chance of creating problems down the line.

When you bring your car to us, our team of experienced technicians will quickly detect the issue and repair it, at an affordable price. We, at GT Autos, offer a complete exhaust service for you, using top of the line equipment to measure and ensure quality.

Bring your vehicle to us – the best exhaust repair garage Dundee

Bring your vehicle to us; at GT Autos, we have compiled a team of experienced and certified mechanics who will handle all your car’s components thoroughly. We will pay extra care to parts like the muffler, catalytic converter, toxicity sensor, piping and fittings, etc. If there is any fault, we will repair it; if there is something which cannot be fixed, we will replace it entirely.

Call us anytime to book your appointment; we also take prior bookings on our website.