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Are you looking for DPF Cleaning for your vehicle?

A Diesel Particulate Filter or simply DPF is a ceramic filter consisting of thousands of honey-combed shaped openings that capture the soot onto the filter wall and restrict the particulate matter from releasing out from the tailpipe. DPF does this job by exposing them to a higher temperature and burning them into non-dangerous ashes, a process which is called DPF regeneration. Once the entire process reaches a level where cleaning is not possible, it causes a major impact on the engine, leading to immediate repairs.

In cases like this, if you are looking for an effective and advanced DPF repair, you can trust Gt Autos without any second thought. We are equipped with all the latest diagnostic kits and technology. Together with these machines and our expert professionals, we can offer you the top-quality services and necessary repairs.

Sign of faulty DPF

The most visible sign of a faulty DPF occurs when dashboard light gives a signal or illuminates. This DPF light indicates that the vehicle needs cleaning or DPF regeneration. These processes that need to be carried out can be found on the car’s manual. If you follow all the instructions but then also fail to initiate the process and the warning lights go on blinking, it clearly points out that DPF needs a repair and has to be taken to a reliable garage like us.

How do we conduct the DPF Repair?

Our DPF Repair includes a comprehensive check. We use special cleaning products and advanced techniques to conduct the cleaning process. In cases where this method does not work and demands additional repair, we remove the DPF for further and thorough diagnosis—after that, removing and refitting this filter is done respectively.

DPF Repair is necessary as a vehicle’s exhaust system is checked during the MOT test.

Avail the best-quality DPF Repairs at Gt Autos. For additional information, please contact us today!