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Are you looking for Tyre Cleaning for your vehicle?

Tyre cleaning is often overlooked. The general mood is that if your car is clean, that’s enough. Most people give their tyres a casual wash-over without going into the minute details of tyre cleaning. The result is a cosmetic change in the appearance of the tyres without any significant effect on its well-being.

At GT Autos, we take tyre cleaning quite seriously. The average lifespan improves significantly of the tyres if they are cleaned thoroughly every other week. Our tyre cleaning service is among the best in Dundee, and you can tell the difference after just one wash.

Why is tyre cleaning important?

Regular cleaning of the tyres is necessary, and not just for improving the appearance of the car. Cleaning the tyres prevents its degradation which may occur for many reasons apart from natural wear and tear.

Brake dust is a substance that collects on your wheels due to regular braking. It is a corrosive substance made from the friction between the brake pad and the rotors. If it sits on the wheels for a long time, it eats through the coating and damages the rims. Thorough Cleaning of the tyres is the only way to prevent it.

Tyre cleaning also protects them from wearing prematurely or cracking. It also removes and prevents the wheel’s corrosion.

How to clean tyres properly?

When it comes to proper tyre cleaning, giving them a wash-over is not enough. It has to be cleaned thoroughly to be effective.

Using the same detergent for cleaning both your car and its tyres is counterproductive. There are specialised cleaning agents that work the best for tyre cleaning.

There are special brushes available too for tyre cleaning. These brushes are stiffer than the standard cleaning brushes, helping them to reach inside the tyre’s treads and cleaning them thoroughly.

Avail tyre cleaning at GT Autos

If you’re serious about your tyre’s health, regularly cleaning them is an absolute necessity. The tyre cleaning service at GT Autos is exceptional, and it’ll be instrumental in saving your tyres from corrosion and wearing too.

Bring in your car today for top-notch tyre cleaning services and leave with sparkling, healthier tyres!