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Are you looking for Tyre Threads for your vehicle?

The odd-looking patterns that you see on a tyre’s rubber surface are there for a purpose. These tyre treads exist to provide a firmer grip of the surface and to ensure that accidents do not happen. A lot has happened to the science of tyre treads over the years: nowadays, a lot of thought goes behind their design.

If you are looking for the best advice on tyre treads Dundee, you are currently in the right place. With years of experience in dealing with tyres, we at GT Autos have formed a solid idea of how and when a tyre’s tread depth should be examined. We also specialise in enabling people to take better care of their expensive tyres.

Tyre tread depth and related legalities

A car’s tyre must have a specific tread depth to have a practical value, especially in winters when the roads are covered with snow and are slippery. In the UK, it is mandatory to ensure that the tyre depth is a minimum of 1.6mm deep. Failure to comply with this parameter may result in hefty fines and a steep 3 penalty points.

Besides these deterrents, there are certain aspects of tyre treads that you must know.

  • Measuring your tyre tread depth is not rocket science. Simply use a 20 penny coin and insert it in the treads. If you can see the tip of the coin, the treads are worn out to a bare minimum.
  • Re-treaded tyres fall in the legal grey zone. Technically, if you re-tread your tyres a lot, your car will fail to pass the MOT, mandatory for every car above three years of age.
  • Legally speaking, you cannot mix radial tyres and cross-ply tyres on the same axles. You cannot even fit them on opposite axels, as they lead to instability.

Get the best advice on tyre treads at GT Autos

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